The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty
Winston Churchill

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Do you find yourself making choices that you know aren't the best for you? Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or substance abuse? Is the young adult in your life challenged by any of these problems? It's not uncommon for us to feel stuck, out of control or even hopeless at some point in our lives. I offer powerful and meaningful therapy that helps you confront and overcome your challenges. I work with adults, young adults, teens and couples who suffer from a wide range of behavioral health issues like anxiety, depression, addictions, substance abuse, trauma, anger, relationship issues, grief and men's issues.

I believe the challenges we face can help us to grow into the people we most want to be. By facing our fears, we move toward our best selves. Working through our issues can heal our emotional pain extinguish unwanted behaviors, improve our relationships and live more fully and happily.

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision since the quality of the client-counselor relationship is key to making effective progress. My clinical work is informed by a climate of empathy, compassion, respect, curiosity, optimism and always with a solution-based focus. Please spend a few minutes looking through my website and learning some specific details about my training and professional experience, the conditions and issues I treat and my therapeutic philosophy and style.

I believe my clients are, first and foremost, human beings - never merely a diagnosis or set of problems. Eschewing a "cookie cutter" approach, my therapeutic techniques are always flexible and adaptable to your individual strengths, needs, abilities, preferences and willingness to change.

My counseling practice is dedicated to
providing innovative, evidenced-based
integrative behavioral and psychological health care to help my
clients return to optimal health and higher functioning.
My care of clients is guided by
kindness, respect and compassion, and
an awareness that the causes of their suffering
are influenced by their lifestyle, environment and genetics.

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